Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Survived School with a Toddler

I officially made it through a semester of college with a child. Back in August, I was terrified to go back with a 12 month old. I didn't think I could balance everything out and still have plenty of time to hang out with Keigs  & the hubby. I'm going for elementary education so this was the semester before student teaching and going into it the teachers will tell you that they "own you" for the next 16 weeks which scared me to death! Haha! 

Bye mom, have fun at school!! 

The first few weeks of school were tough because I was trying to get our new life in a routine while doing homework and still keeping up with our house chores. I also hated leaving Keigan each morning but thankfully between my aunt and Dave's grandparents we didn't have to put her in day care yet. It was an easier transition leaving her with family rather than at a daycare. Once we got in a routine, it became easier with balancing out everything on my plate. 

The good news is now I'm on winter break until January 13th so you can find me cuddled up with Keigan-- or dreaming of cuddling her while I chase her around all day ;) 



  1. CONGRATS momma!!! What an accomplishment!!!

  2. good for you! that's a big thing... i can't bring myself to do it!

  3. Good job! It's not easy at all but we as moms are masters at making things work! I had to put of student teaching until next fall due to the new babe but I'm excited for you! Enjoy your time off and snuggle as much as possible because I think you're going to be even busier when you go back ;) Merry Christmas too!