Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Camden] 2 Months


He doesn't go for his 2 month well check-up until the 29th of this month but when I weighed him last week on our scale it said he was 12 lbs! My little chunky monkey! 


A couple weeks ago he started to develop a little rash that started on his cheeks then moved down to his chest. It didn't go below his chest and didn't bother him but I still called the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything I was eating/ drinking that was causing it. The doctor said it sounds like a viral rash that will just go away on its own and since it isn't bothering him to just watch it to make sure it doesn't get any worse. 


He's still 100% on mama's milk. He's such a good eater and usually eats for 10 minutes every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day and sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah!!!


He takes cat naps through the day and is starting to be awake more during the day. He's been sleeping through the night this past week and I'm totally loving it! I don't think Keigan slept through the night until she was around 7-8 months old!!! Crazyyy!


He has been holding his head up so well when we are holding him. He LOVES to see what's going on around him. He has also found his voice and has been cooing a lot lately. There is nothing like baby coo's! Sweetest little sound ever! 

I love this little boy!!!! 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Camden] 8 weeks

My sweet little Cam is already 8 weeks old! I remember time flying when Keigan was this age and I still hate how fast they grow! I want to bottle up his sweet newborn scent and cuddles so I never forget how small and cuddly he is. 

Last week he started to develop a rash that started on his face and then moved to his chest. Some days it's worse than others but I decided to call the doctor last week just to ease my mind since I am nursing and he said it sounds like a viral rash and it will just run its course. It's not bothering him so I've just been keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any worse. 

Big news: he slept through the night a few nights last week! He usually goes to sleep around 9:30-10pm and will sleep until 6am, he eats and will go back to sleep until 8ish. A couple nights last week he was sleeping until 6:45am! It's been heavenly and I feel like a new woman!

He is the sweetest, happiest little boy and we could not be more in love! It amazes me everyday when I see how much Keigan just adores him.  She is loving her big sister role! 

I'm looking forward to our Christmas next week! I know Camden won't remember a thing but Keigan will be so fun this year, I just know it! :) 

& here is what Cam thinks of me ;)


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Camden] 6 Weeks

I realize I missed writing his 5 week check-in but I think I will start doing it every other week since there isn't a lot that changes from week to week. I will still be taking weekly pictures to have but just won't be writing a blog post every week. 

Mr. Camden is now 6 weeks old! He has been smiling at us a lot recently which I absolutely LOVE. It seems like he's also trying to find his voice and sometimes he scares himself when he lets out a little coo :) 

He loves his little activity mat. If he gets fussy, I can lay him on that and turn the music on and he is a happy little clam just looking around at everything. I've been trying to do more tummy time with him but he's still not a fan. 

He's a great sleeper! This past week he's been going between 6-7 hours between feedings at night. I can't say I'm complaining ;) I still can't get over his chubby cheeks. I can't stop kissing them!!! 

We love you Cam!! 

Here's a few pictures from this week!!


Friday, November 21, 2014

[Camden] 1 Month

Melt my heart why don't ya?! 

We go to the doctor on Monday for his one month check-up so we find out the official then. My guess is he's pushing 9 lbs!! Looking back at his pictures, he has really filled out this month! 


There was a pretty nasty cold that hit this month, which Dave and Keigan both had. Luckily, Camden and I missed it! I was so nervous that he was going to catch something considering Keigan wouldn't stop giving him kisses and trying to wipe her nose all over him. Poor guy! 


He's 100% on mama's milk & we are doing so well!! I did have a hard time getting my milk to slow down!  I was in so much pain the first 9-10 days and was so engorged that I finally called my lactation consultant for advice. Things finally slowed down and we are at a good place with my supply!  I gave him one bottle so far and I know I need to start giving him more bottles so he can get used to them but it's just so much easier nursing him! 


This chunk is out of newborn sizes already! He's wearing 0-3 month onesies and sleepers! Keigan was in her newborn sizes for 2-3 months so I was expecting the same with him. I can't get over how much bigger he is compared to Keigan at this age. Daddy wants a big, strong hockey player so he's well on his way ;)


He sleeps great at night! The past couple of nights he's been going 4-5 hour stretches but I'm certain they are just a fluke. Normally he will eat every 3-3.5 hours through the night and every 2-3 hours during the day. 


This month we celebrated his first Halloween!! He dressed up as a ninja turtle and was the cutest little turtle I've ever seen! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4 weeks with Camden

 Camden is 4 weeks old today!  & a month old on Friday!! Say what?! 

He is such an easy baby and reminds us so much of Keigan when she was his age! We've had easy babies & for that, I am thankful! 

He is still not a fan of tummy time. When we do have him on his tummy, he just lays there and fusses until we pick him up. He is getting a little more head control and neck strength despite his lack of tummy time! 

It still amazes me how fast they grow! Every night I go through my pictures and cry to Dave how much he's changed in just 4 short weeks! 

He still is sleeping great for me, just waking up twice to eat. He also loves his baths so much more now that we can keep a warm wash cloth over him to keep him warm while I bathe him. 

My mom gave him his first bottle over the weekend & he was not a fan!! He did eat most of it for me but I know he wanted the real thing ;) 

I'll be back later this week with his one month post! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

3 weeks with Camden

Our little guy has been growing like a weed ( at least I think so)! I had a moment this past weekend where I thought he was growing right before my eyes! His face is filling out quite nicely and he's getting some chub in those cheeks, which I just love to kiss ;)

He's starting to stay awake for longer periods when he is awake & his big sister LOVES to give him kisses and hold his hands. It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever! 

He's still waking up twice a night to eat, usually 1:30 and 5:30 is when he starts fussing around. We are keeping him awake from 7:30pm until we go to bed, which is usually 9:30-10 so he will sleep all night. So far, it's been working like a charm. 

Cam hates tummy time. I try every day to lay him on his tummy to strengthen his neck muscles but he fusses and cries until he's on his back or someone picks him up. He is moving his head around a lot more & he's so alert and loves to see what's going on around him. 

Camden is seriously the most handsome little boy and we are head over heels for him! 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2 Weeks with Camden

Yep, our baby boy is 2 weeks old and can't believe it! He is honestly the best and easiest little boy. If he's fed and has a clean diaper, he's a happy boy! 

We had his first weight check last Thursday. He was 6 lbs 81/2 oz at birth and when we got discharged he was 6lbs 2 oz. At his doctor appointment Thursday he was 6.10lbs. Little chunk gained 8 oz in a week! 

I absolutley love the little sounds & faces he makes when he's sleeping. I find myself staring at him while he's sleeping just hoping to catch a little smile. :) 

His umbilical cord fell off Monday (he was 13 days old) and bath time has been SO much more pleasant. He didn't let out even a whimper while in there. Getting him out of the warm water was a different story. 

He eats about every 2 hours during the day and can go 3-3.5 hours at night. I am still setting my alarm to wake him to eat but I think soon, I'll start letting him wake up and tell me he's hungry. 

I finally braved it this week and took both kids to Target by myself for the first time. The thought of taking two kids to the store totally freaked me out but we did it with no meltdowns and everyone lived! 

Big sister is still doing well with the adjustment. She loves giving him kisses and rubbing his little head. It's the sweetest thing :) 

Happy 2 weeks baby boy! 

We love you to the moon & back! 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One week with Camden

Our little Camden is one week old today! I can hardly believe it! He is honestly the best little baby. He only cries when he's hungry or is getting a bath. That's it. 

I was SO, SO nervous to bring him home and see Keigan's reaction to him. She has blown me away with how much she loves him and hasn't showed one ounce of jealousy! She is just as smitten over him as we all are. Keigan LOVES to give him kisses and to rub his head and hands. I may tear up every time she does it ;) 

He is a nursing champ! As soon as he was placed on my chest after he was born, he ate for 30 minutes on each side! I was shocked!!! We haven't had any problem with latching at all! He wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat and I usually have to wake him. 

Our first week with Camden has been the best! 


Camden's Birth Story

When I wrote my last bump update for 37 weeks, I had not dilated and my cervix was still firm but that all changed when I went in for my 38 week check-up on Monday. My doctor said that I was 2cm and 90% effaced. I had been having regular Braxton Hicks over the weekend but nothing painful or uncomfortable. I had a 3 hour labor with Keigan so she knew this one would go fast too and kept telling me if I even think it could be real contractions to get into the hospital because she did not want me to miss getting my epidural. 

After my appointment, I ran some errands and got groceries for the week, came home to clean and get all the laundry done. I wanted everything done in case it happened soon so I wouldn't have to worry about all of that to come home to. 

Monday night while watching The Voice, I started to get my BH and timed them for the fun of it but they weren't regular. I went to  bed and woke up around 2 to pee and started feeling contractions every 7-8 minutes. They weren't painful or getting closer together but I could not go back to sleep! I eventually got up around 4:30 and went out to the living room to watch TV since I knew I wasn't going back to sleep!

I called my doctor around 7:30 and told her what had been happening and she told me to come in and she would check me but to come prepared. I called Dave immediately so he could get home from work and then called my mom so she could come to the house to watch Keigan. 

We got to the hospital around 9:30am, my doctor came in and said I was 5cm, 90% effaced and they hooked me right up to an IV, got my epidural ordered and told me I would be having a baby in a few hours!! I literally could not believe how fast everything was happening. Dave called my mom and gave her the scoop on what was happening and got his grandparents to come watch Keigan so that my mom and dad could be at the hospital with me. Our parents got there around 11:30am and the six of us hung out and talked until 1:30pm when they came in to break my water. My doctor told me that once my water broke, it would go fast. She was dead on. 

She broke my water at 1:40pm & I was 7cm. By 2:00, I was fully dilated and my doctor came down at 2:05pm. I had 3 contractions and he was out at 2:12pm.  He weighed 6.8 lbs and was 19 inches long. 

He is absolutely perfect and we could not be happier. 

Here are some pictures from his birthday!