Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Our Easter weekend couldn't have had better weather! Keigan woke up Sunday to see the Easter bunny had stopped at our house and left a nice basket for her! She was thrilled! 

After we ate our chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, we had to start getting ready for our day because it was filled with lots of family time! 

My grandma always has Easter lunch around 1 so we headed there and got to spend time with my family! We had an Easter egg hunt just for Keigan, which she did surprisingly well with! My cousin, aka Keigan's BFF helped her out with the egg hunt! 

After we left my grandma's, we headed to Dave's grandma's for dinner round #2. Keigan has two cousins around her age that she loves to play with and is the cutest thing ever! 

We made our last stop at Dave's mom's for dinner round #3! At this point Keigan is totally exhausted from being outside and playing with minimal naps but she was a trooper and held in there until we went home for bath and bed! Dave's mom had an egg hunt for her there too! The girl is so loved and spoiled! But who couldn't love this sweet girl?! 


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