Sunday, June 8, 2014

Family Vacation {2014}

We got back yesterday from our family vacation to Virginia Beach. As sad as we were to leave our oceanfront house,  we were also excited to come home and back to our routine. Traveling and going to the beach with a toddler can be really exhausting but seeing her have fun playing in the sand and in the waves is all worth it! 

Our weather for the week was perfect. The warm breeze and playing in the waves wore our little beach babe out. I never would have thought she would fall asleep on the beach but she proved me wrong. Every day she took a long nap under our canopy and woke up in the best mood! 

There was one day it called for rain (but there wasn't a drop of rain) and we hit up the Virginia Aquarium. It was nice to get out of the sun for the day and do something different. 

Our last night we went down to the pier for some family pictures. Getting pictures with a very squirmy toddler is more difficult than it looks. The girl hates pictures but we got a few good ones! 

I am already looking forward to our vacation next year with a toddler AND the new baby! 

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  1. Awe looks like you guys had a great time!! Love you blue dress!! :)