Monday, June 30, 2014

Life Lately

Keigan and I have been thoroughly enjoying our summer vacation with each other. We have been spending a lot of time at my mother in laws pool that's right down the street from us. She's becoming quite the little fish! 

Every morning we take a walk with Sadie. Sometimes we walk our neighborhood, other times we hit up the park or the trail. Most of the time Keigan takes a snooze while Sadie and I get our exercise in. 

We have been eating our fair share in Popsicles and fresh fruit. That's what summers for though, right?!

On rainy days, you can usually find us running errands, getting groceries and maybe even Wendy's for a frosty ;)

On Sundays we head to my parents house for the day to spend time with them and she always makes us dinner :) 


& here she is on her bike. We can't go outside without getting on her bike and she won't get on her bike without her helmet. Let's hope she continues that as she gets older! 

I'm trying to enjoy this last summer with just her. Next summer we will have two babies so it will be twice the fun! 


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