Wednesday, July 16, 2014

23 Months

My baby is 23 months old! That means in one short month, I will have a two year old. Tear.
I haven't done an update in a very longggg time but she is so much fun!! I love hanging out with her all day, every day. She's my best buddy! 
She started her first little dance class 3 weeks ago. The first class she cried 3 times, the second class just once and today she didn't cry at all!!! She loves doing all of the flips and handstands but just doesnt like that I'm not in there! We are making improvements! 
Keigan still isn't talking much. We have been working with her but she just doesn't seem interested in it! 
We got her a swing set as an early birthday present and Dave and our dads came up to build it for her this weekend. She's in love! 
Her favorite food these days is Popsicles! We eat them all day. You never see this pregnant momma complaining ;)
We also watch Sofia the First all day long! She freaks out when it's over and whines until I put on the next episode. You can catch me singing Sofia when I'm in the shower! 
Here are a few pictures of my 23 month old:

My next update will be when she's TWO :(((

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