Friday, August 22, 2014

29 Week Update

How far along: 29 Weeks

Gender: BOY!

Weight gain: +15 lbs

Maternity clothes: Yep, totally looking forward to some cooler weather so I can wear leggings and sweatshirts every day :)

Stretch marks: Nope

Belly button in or out: Outie all the way! Dave said he can even see it through all of my shirts now! Haha!

Sleep: I have to say this week has been better than previous weeks.

Best moment this week: Our Ikea and Home Goods trip this past weekend to get baby boy’s dresser and little items for his room was fun!

Miss anything: My energy. This week I’ve been feeling really lazy, I don’t know if it’s our rainy weather that is doing it or the fact that he is taking more of my energy but I’d like to have some of that back!!

Movement: Lots and lots of jabs to the ribs but I love feeling this little guy move all the time!

Cravings: Chips with French onion dip and fudge rounds were the two things I wanted this week!

Symptoms: Round ligament pain and I’ve also been getting more leg and foot cramps that really suck!

Looking forward to: We have no plans this weekend which is a nice change so I hope we can get more done in the nursery and I also have my 30 week check-up on Monday! Always look forward to my baby appointments! 


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  1. I'm not pregnant yet your cravings every week become my cravings!! Sympathy cravings??? Can we pretend that's a real thing! ;-)