Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One week with Camden

Our little Camden is one week old today! I can hardly believe it! He is honestly the best little baby. He only cries when he's hungry or is getting a bath. That's it. 

I was SO, SO nervous to bring him home and see Keigan's reaction to him. She has blown me away with how much she loves him and hasn't showed one ounce of jealousy! She is just as smitten over him as we all are. Keigan LOVES to give him kisses and to rub his head and hands. I may tear up every time she does it ;) 

He is a nursing champ! As soon as he was placed on my chest after he was born, he ate for 30 minutes on each side! I was shocked!!! We haven't had any problem with latching at all! He wakes up 2-3 times a night to eat and I usually have to wake him. 

Our first week with Camden has been the best! 


Camden's Birth Story

When I wrote my last bump update for 37 weeks, I had not dilated and my cervix was still firm but that all changed when I went in for my 38 week check-up on Monday. My doctor said that I was 2cm and 90% effaced. I had been having regular Braxton Hicks over the weekend but nothing painful or uncomfortable. I had a 3 hour labor with Keigan so she knew this one would go fast too and kept telling me if I even think it could be real contractions to get into the hospital because she did not want me to miss getting my epidural. 

After my appointment, I ran some errands and got groceries for the week, came home to clean and get all the laundry done. I wanted everything done in case it happened soon so I wouldn't have to worry about all of that to come home to. 

Monday night while watching The Voice, I started to get my BH and timed them for the fun of it but they weren't regular. I went to  bed and woke up around 2 to pee and started feeling contractions every 7-8 minutes. They weren't painful or getting closer together but I could not go back to sleep! I eventually got up around 4:30 and went out to the living room to watch TV since I knew I wasn't going back to sleep!

I called my doctor around 7:30 and told her what had been happening and she told me to come in and she would check me but to come prepared. I called Dave immediately so he could get home from work and then called my mom so she could come to the house to watch Keigan. 

We got to the hospital around 9:30am, my doctor came in and said I was 5cm, 90% effaced and they hooked me right up to an IV, got my epidural ordered and told me I would be having a baby in a few hours!! I literally could not believe how fast everything was happening. Dave called my mom and gave her the scoop on what was happening and got his grandparents to come watch Keigan so that my mom and dad could be at the hospital with me. Our parents got there around 11:30am and the six of us hung out and talked until 1:30pm when they came in to break my water. My doctor told me that once my water broke, it would go fast. She was dead on. 

She broke my water at 1:40pm & I was 7cm. By 2:00, I was fully dilated and my doctor came down at 2:05pm. I had 3 contractions and he was out at 2:12pm.  He weighed 6.8 lbs and was 19 inches long. 

He is absolutely perfect and we could not be happier. 

Here are some pictures from his birthday!



Friday, October 17, 2014

37 Week Update

How far along: 37 Weeks

Gender: Boy!!

Weight gain: +21 lbs

Maternity clothes: Just my jeans and maternity leggings. I’m stretching all of my normal shirts out because I refuse to buy anything at this point!

Stretch marks: Nope! I hope it stays that way for just a few more weeks!

Belly button in or out: Out

Sleep: Pretty good actually! I better not get to used to it because before I know it I’ll be up several times a night ;)

Best moment this week: We took Keigan to Boo at the Zoo this past weekend and I loved seeing her sweet self dressed up and just taking it all in. She was NOT scared of anything, I actually think she found it to be more of a joke! Haha!

Miss anything: Just feeling human again. Also, I’d love to have a second cup of coffee on these cool fall mornings!

Movement: Yea, still feeling him moving around but I will say I don’t feel as much movement going on and I’d have to blame that on the lack of room he has in there!

Cravings: Nothing really sticks out this week!

Symptoms: Still getting Braxton Hicks a lot, and my round ligament pain and indigestion are back.

Looking forward to: I’m hoping to see some progress at the doctors this week! I’m still not dilated at all!! I had Keigan at 37weeks 2 days so hearing that I was still not dilated at my 37 week appointment was a bummer!  I really, really hope to hear that I’m making some progress on Monday! We are getting so anxious to meet him!!! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Boo at the Zoo

Well, we were able to cross another thing off of our to-do list for October! I wanted to take Keigan to Boo at the Zoo this year because I think this is such a fun age and she would really enjoy it! Now she did enjoy herself but the girl only had maybe a 30 minute nap all day so she was exhausted but she was a trooper and powered through it! 

We hit up the train ride first because I wanted to go on that before it got dark because I didn't want it to scare her and I wanted her to be able to see where we were going considering this was her very first train ride! She did this hilarious fake scream at everything we saw and was totally cracking us up! Apparently she thought the decorations were a joke! ;) 

After the train, we walked around the zoo to collect our treats and see some animals. I wanted to get her home around her bedtime so we sped through the zoo collecting our candy, plus she was getting tired so she wanted held the entire time. 

Keigan's first Boo at the Zoo was a success! I'm already looking forward to taking her and Camden next year! 

Keigan did not look at the camera for ONE single picture! Such a stinker! Good thing she made the cutest little owl I've ever seen :) 


Friday, October 10, 2014

36 Week Update

Holy big bump!!! No wonder I've been having terrible back pain! 

How far along: 36 weeks aka 9 months!!!! 

Gender: BOY!!

Weight gain:  +19 lbs

Maternity clothes: Just my jeans and maternity leggings. I’m stretching all of my normal shirts out because I refuse to buy anything at this point!

Stretch marks: Nope

Belly button in or out: Out

Sleep: This week I’ve been waking up at 3:30 and can’t fall back asleep until 4:30-5:00, so frustrating!!

Best moment this week: Going to the pumpkin patch this past weekend was fun, despite the cold weather!  Thoroughly enjoying these last few weekends as a family of 3!

Miss anything: Not feeling like I’m 90 years old! My back has been killing me if I sit for too long and I walk around like I’m an old lady. Also, I’ve really been missing my energy lately.

Movement: Yep, still lots of big movements going on! As painful as some of the jabs and kicks are, they still put a smile on my face because I always wonder what he’s doing in there!

Cravings: Chocolate..I’m blaming it on all the yummy Halloween candy that has been making it’s way into my shopping cart!

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks and I think I also felt  a few of the real deal contractions this week. Also, foot cramps like woah!

Looking forward to: We are going to Boo at the Zoo this weekend and I’m really looking forward to taking Keigan for the first time! I’m sure she will love seeing all the kids in their costumes and riding the train! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Over the weekend we went to a pumpkin patch that's near us. The weather was calling for it to be 55 degrees and sunny but it turned out to be 50 degrees and cloudy so it felt SO much colder than it was! We were all freezing our butts off but we made the best of it and still had a great time! 
My mom and dad went with us and Keigan couldn't have been more excited for Grammy and Pappy to be there! After we grabbed some lunch, we took a little hayride out to the patch and all of the other festivities. They had 2 corn mazes, a 100 foot slide, a fire truck for kids to play on, tire swings, apple picking and punkin' chunkin'. 
Keigan would NOT leave the fire truck and she so badly wanted to go down the 100 foot slide (but is way to small to go alone and they don't allow you to double up) and cried every time we walked past it. 
We finally headed over to the patch to pick our pumpkins and Keigan had fun running around trying to pick up all of the pumpkins! 
Our trip was cut a little short due to the freezing cold weather but we still had a ball and I'm glad we got to go before Camden comes along :) 
Here are some pictures from our day!!