Sunday, October 12, 2014

Boo at the Zoo

Well, we were able to cross another thing off of our to-do list for October! I wanted to take Keigan to Boo at the Zoo this year because I think this is such a fun age and she would really enjoy it! Now she did enjoy herself but the girl only had maybe a 30 minute nap all day so she was exhausted but she was a trooper and powered through it! 

We hit up the train ride first because I wanted to go on that before it got dark because I didn't want it to scare her and I wanted her to be able to see where we were going considering this was her very first train ride! She did this hilarious fake scream at everything we saw and was totally cracking us up! Apparently she thought the decorations were a joke! ;) 

After the train, we walked around the zoo to collect our treats and see some animals. I wanted to get her home around her bedtime so we sped through the zoo collecting our candy, plus she was getting tired so she wanted held the entire time. 

Keigan's first Boo at the Zoo was a success! I'm already looking forward to taking her and Camden next year! 

Keigan did not look at the camera for ONE single picture! Such a stinker! Good thing she made the cutest little owl I've ever seen :) 


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