Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Camden] 6 Weeks

I realize I missed writing his 5 week check-in but I think I will start doing it every other week since there isn't a lot that changes from week to week. I will still be taking weekly pictures to have but just won't be writing a blog post every week. 

Mr. Camden is now 6 weeks old! He has been smiling at us a lot recently which I absolutely LOVE. It seems like he's also trying to find his voice and sometimes he scares himself when he lets out a little coo :) 

He loves his little activity mat. If he gets fussy, I can lay him on that and turn the music on and he is a happy little clam just looking around at everything. I've been trying to do more tummy time with him but he's still not a fan. 

He's a great sleeper! This past week he's been going between 6-7 hours between feedings at night. I can't say I'm complaining ;) I still can't get over his chubby cheeks. I can't stop kissing them!!! 

We love you Cam!! 

Here's a few pictures from this week!!


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