Monday, September 21, 2015

[Camden] 11 Months

Camden is 11 months old and I can hardly believe it! I am constantly looking back at the pictures of his birth day and it honestly feels like yesterday that I was on my way to the hospital with him still in my belly! I have loved watching his little personality come to life the past few months. He is so ornery and LOVES to chase his big sister around! He gets the biggest kick out of it! Since he started walking, he gets into EVERYTHING! Nothing is off limits and if you tell him no, he wants it even more! Such a boy ;) 

He is still breastfed but we are in the process of weaning him. He eats whatever Keigan eats for the most part! His breakfast is usually waffles or pancakes with a fruit. His favorite fruit is bananas!! Boy can eat them all day if we let him! For lunch he likes grilled cheese, yogurt, apple chunks or peaches and goldfish crackers. For dinner it's usually whatever we are eating. He is pretty easy to feed right now! He'll eat whatever you are eating. The boy LOVES to eat!

We had to live with my parents for about 6 weeks while our house was finishing up. The four of us all slept in one room which was hard because Cam knew we were right there. He didn't sleep well which meant the rest of us didn't sleep well either. We were at a point where he was waking up 5-6 times a night and wouldn't stop crying until I went and got him. Since moving into our new house and with everyone back in their own space, he has been sleeping so much better! The first few nights he woke up a couple times but fell back asleep on his own within 5 minutes. Now he is sleeping through the night and I feel like a whole new woman! 

He is obviously getting better walking every day. He is now able to go from a seated position to a standing one without holding on to anything. He will be running before we know it! He loves to wave and say "bye". 

My next monthly update, he'll be 1 year old! On one hand I can't believe he's 11 months old and on the other I feel like he's been with us forever! 

Love you to the moon and back Camden Lee!!! 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Keigan Layne!

Keigan Layne, today you turned 3 years old! Even though you came down with a high fever on Friday night and still have one today, you have been in a great mood and just enjoying your birthday weekend! I had a small birthday party for you at Mimi's house (since we have a few weeks left before our house is done being built) and all of your family came to celebrate you! 

You start pre-school in a few weeks and I'm already an emotional wreck over it! I can't believe you are old enough to go to school. What am I going to do all day without you by my side?! I know you are going to have a blast making new friends and being around other kids all day. You are such a social butterfly and are so outgoing! :) 

Your personality has blossomed so much lately and you are such a little chatter box. You were a late bloomer in the talking department but you are making up for that now ;) 

Your favorites:

Food: Pizza & french fries

Drinks: Grape Capri Sun & milk

Toy: Minimus ( little horse from Sofia)

Activity: Riding on the 4-wheeler with Pap

Place: DISNEY WORLD! You still talk about it to this day :)

TV Show: You have a lot of favorite shows. Bubble Guppies, Sofia, Paw Patrol

Movie: The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Frozen, Despicable Me

You are so obsessed with your little brother and seeing the two of you playing is my favorite. You are so protective of him and makes sure he goes everywhere we go. 

Here are some pictures from your birthday party!  

Happy 3rd Birthday Keigan Layne! Mommy, Daddy & Cam love you to the moon and back! 



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[Camden] 9 Months

9 MONTHS?!?! 
My littlest baby will be turning 1 in three very, very short months!!
We go to the doctor for his 9 month check up in 2 days so we get the official weight but when I weigh him on our scales he's around 20 lbs!!! Such a big boy!
Still on mama's milk but he's been eating more and more finger foods so he hasn't been eating as much from me! This boy LOVES to eat!! He's currently tried:

Turkey (lunch meat)
Mashed potatoes
Ice cream

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot but those have been the most current things he's had!! 


What is sleep anyway?? He's been the worst sleeper lately and I'm sure it's a combination of teething and moving in to my parents house a couple weeks ago since our house sold before ours is done being built. His routine and bedroom is different so I'm sure that's not helping! And to throw another loop in there, we leave for the beach this weekend so we'll be in another new place with lots going on so his routine will be off again! Yikes!


He's currently wearing all 12 month clothes & size 4 diapersS! They fit him perfect but a few of his PJ's are getting snug!! I've been buying fall clothes for him and have been getting him 18 months! They look so big but if he's already in 12 month stuff , I know it will fit him! 


His third tooth came in this month ( his top right)! I think he's currently working on his top left now! Other than crawling a lot faster and cruising on all the furniture, there's been no other big milestones!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

[Keigan] First Dance Recital

Keigan had her first dance recital on June 12th. I know I'm a little behind but I don't want to forget any little details. 
Let me start off by saying Keigan LOVES going to dance class each week and usually runs into the room before it's even time to start! She LOVES her dance teacher and when she sees her she'll run into her arms for a hug! 
Well, two weeks before her recital they had practice run throughs and it was for everyone to practice so they knew time wise how long each number took and for the little girls to get a feel for how fast paced recitals are! The first run through Keigan ran back with no problem. I watched her on the TV screens in the lobby do her little routine and from what I could tell, she was fine. She was supposed to be back there for one hour but after 30 minutes her teacher brought her out to me saying she was really upset and was letting us leave. Fast forward to the next practice and this time she cried before even going back. She did go back with her teacher but she wasn't happy! I absolutely didn't want to force her to do the recital so I was still just feeling it out. Everyone at her dance studio seemed calm and knew exactly how to handle the little ones that were upset so that helped me out! Keigan only made it 30 minutes at her second practice run through! 
The morning of the recital they had a dress rehearsal at the Performing Arts Center where the recital was being held. I had to drop her off at 9:30 and pick up time was 12pm! That was a long time for her to be crying so I was a little worried but I stayed and watched the rehearsal so if they needed me, I'd be there!  She did better than I thought when I dropped her off, she did cry but it wasn't awful! I ran into her teacher and she said she was doing fine and playing with one of the girls. It was her time to go on stage and Keigan did awesome!! She wasn't crying (but I was!!)  and did everything she was supposed to & looked like she was having so much fun! 
Considering dress rehearsal went great I assumed she would be fine when we had to take her back for the show! When we went to drop her off she started crying and didn't want to leave Dave and I! Her dance teacher came out and scooped her up and took her back before I had a chance to say she didn't have to go if she didn't want to. I hate leaving her when she's crying and I have no way of knowing how she's doing! I didn't want to traumatize her and have her never want to go back to dance. We made our way to our seats and just getting settled in when a family friend who was volunteering back stage came out and found me. She said she had Keigan back stage with her and the big girls and was doing great! She came out to ask if I had a drink for her because she was feeding her pretzels :) Dave's half sister aslo goes to the same dance studio as Keigan and was sending pictures to my father in law of the two of them! 
When it was time for Keigan's routine, she came on stage and had her arm covering her face and at first I thought she was crying but then realized the lights were too bright for her! Haha! She wasn't crying and did her little dance, rolls and blew kisses to the crowd like a little pro. I was trying not to cry because I wanted to see every little thing she did clearly but that didn't happen. Seeing her on stage just made her look to be so much older than my little two year old! 
To celebrate we went to Dairy Queen because all she wanted was ice cream with sprinkles! We were so proud of her and already looking forward to next years recital! 
Here's some pictures :)

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

[Camden] 8 Months

Well, we are one month older! Only 4 months until our baby is ONE!! 
My guess for his weight would be 20lbs and I'm not sure on his height but he's fitting his 12 month sleeper PJ's perfectly! 
What is sleepy anyway?! Little stinker is still not sleeping through the night which is causing me to live off of coffee! He usually wakes up 2 times (once around 2 and another around 5) but I do think he's teething because the other night he was up 6 times! 
He's still nursing for his main meals but he started eating puffs and yogurt melts along with his baby foods this month! His favorite is sweet potatoes right now! I'll probably start introducing pieces of fruit, Cheerios, pancakes and waffles once his top teeth come through! 
Camden had a big month for milestones!! He started crawling!!!! He also has been pulling himself up on every piece of furniture which has caused numerous bruises on his little forehead from falling and he even has stood up all on his own without holding onto anything! I still can't believe it! Wasn't it just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital?! 

Sweet Camden, you are such an easy going little boy and we couldn't love you more! You are so in love with your big sister and you always laugh at the silly things she does! Every time I see you two laughing and playing together, I want to freeze time but I also am looking forward to the years to come to watch your friendship and love for each other continue to grow. 
You are also very much attached to your mama! If you are at all worked up and upset and I hold you or you see me, you instantly calm down. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

[Camden] 7 Months

My littlest buddy is 7 months old!!! How on earth did that happen? We are all so happy now that the weather is actually nice enough to go outside and play! We were all going a little stir crazy this winter   being stuck inside all day. 

We don't have to go back to the doctor until he's 9 months so for his weight, I'm guessing 19lbs. Although after I hold him all day, I swear he's pushing 30 ;) 

He's still nursing which I will continue until he's 1 (or close to one) and he's been eating his fruits and veggies for breakfast/dinner. He can not wait to have table food though considering he dives for anything I'm eating! We give him some tastes of our Popsicles and ice cream and his little legs just kick away. When it's gone, he has a little meltdown. I foresee him eating us out of the house during his teenage years! Haha :)

He's in size 3 diapers and wears between 9-12 month clothes! He's growing like a weed amd the doctor said based on his growth chart that he'll be over 6' tall if he continues on his curve. 

He's been in his crib for a couple months now and he's doing well! He will still wake up 1-2 times a few times a week and if I sing him a song or rock him he falls back to sleep. When he wakes up around 6am, I'll feed him and he falls back to sleep until 7-8ish. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

[Keigan] 2 1/2 Years Update

I haven't done am update on Keigan in a longgg time!! She was 2 1/2 in February and she'll be 3 in August so this is kinda in between I guess! Haha!
Keigan has been potty trained since January and it's heaven! She was SO easy to train too. We didn't put her in big girl undies for bed until March because I had pull ups leftover so I just waited until we ran out of those. Her pull ups were dry every morning so I wasn't too worried about doing the underwear at night. Knock on wood, still no accidents through the night! 

Keigan was a late talker and we even had to go to a speech therapist to try to get her to talk more. I'm happy to say that we are done with the therapist and she talks more every day. 

This girl is so active! We have races all day, loves riding her bike, always wants to take Sadie for walks, play in her play house, loves going to dance class. Speaking of her dance class, she has her first recital coming up in June! I know it's going to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! 

She has a lot of favorite shows! The ones we have on rotate around here are Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol & Blaze! She's also really into Disney movies right now so we are always watching Tangled, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid! 
I can't really narrow down her favorite food at the moment. For breakfast, she has her milk with cinnamon toast, her lunch is either fish sticks or chicken nuggets with water and dinner is whatever we are eating. Her favorite snacks are goldfish crackers, fruit snacks or Popsicles when we are outside playing! 

Keigan has taken her 'big sister' role wonderfully and seriously loves Camden! I want to freeze time when they are playing together and giggling at each other. So so sweet!! 

Until next time!!