Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Camden] 11 Weeks

Our little butterball :)

We had his 2 month check-up last week and our little man weighs 12 lbs 13.5 oz (50%) and is 23 3/4 inches (75%). I can't believe he is in the 50% for weight because he looks like a little chunk to me. 

He is becoming so much more alert through the day and is cooing and smiling more than ever! I melt into a puddle when he gives me a big toothless smile and starts cooing. 

For the most part, he is a 'go with the flow' kinda guy but there are times when all he wants is to be held. He loves to walk around and see things. He is still not a fan of tummy time! We try it all the time and he will either just lay there with his head down or he starts to fuss. 

He's still eating every 2 hours through the day and sleeping all night long. 

He LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time. When we put him in a warm bath, he just relaxes and smiles the entire time. Dave and I can't wait until Keigan and Camden can start getting baths together. They will both be in heaven :)

Keigan is such a big helper! If he's crying, she lets me know! She loves playing with his toys and shoving them in his face ;) She also loves when I read them his books! She amazes me every day with how great she is with him & he just loves her! 

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