Sunday, February 22, 2015

[Camden] 4 Months


My guess is he's in the 16 lb range. We go for his 4 month check-up on Thursday! 


He has a little runny nose right now but I don't know if it's from a cold or if he's teething. He has been drooling like crazy and chewing on his hands like it's nobody's business so we are just patiently waiting for a tooth to come through!!


Mr. Chubby is now wearing all 6-9 month clothes! It blows my mind how much bigger he is than Keigan! I swear he is the size Keigan was when she was 1 year! So crazy!!


I started a half-time substitute position a couple of weeks ago. It is temporary (6-7 weeks) and I work from 9-12:30 so while I go to work, the kids go to Dave's grandparents. As much as I hate leaving them, this is the best job I could get. I'm only gone 4 hours so it gets us out of the house, plus I'm making a little extra money. 

Last week we got both of the kids baptized. I totally dropped the ball when Keigan was an infant to get her baptized so I waited and got them done at the same time! Of course, it was the coldest day we've had this winter (the high was 3 degrees and the low was -9). Both of the kids did great!! 


Cam rolled from front to back this week! I totally didn't think he would ever roll because he's just such a butterball but he proved me wrong! He's also doing so well with holding his head up and we've been practicing with his sitting up. I think by next month he'll be sitting up unassisted. 


-Being held & talked to. He seriously lights up when anyone talks to him!
-Bath time. Absolutley loves it!
-Car rides. It puts him right to sleep.
-He loves a full belly. When he starts to get hungry, watch out! :)
-Being naked. I'd leave him naked if he wouldn't pee and poop everywhere. 


-Being hungry
-Wet/dirty diaper

His dislike list is getting smaller. I can't think of too much he dislikes other than being hungry! Haha.

Here are a few pictures from their baptism. We love you so much Camden Lee!! 


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