Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Camden] 6 months

How on earth is my baby boy 6 months (1/2 year!!!) already?! Where do I begin with his milestones? He had his 2 bottom teeth poke through last week on his 6 month birthday! I had been saying they were coming through for 3 months now because he drenches his shirts with drool & doesn't stop chewing on his fingers! I was so happy to see those babies come through and hopefully he feels some relief now! 

We had his 6 month well check-up today! He weighed in at 18.8 lbs (70%) and is 28 in (90%). The doctor said if he stays on his growth curve for height that he'll be over 6' tall! His daddy was happy to hear that ;)  He also had to get 3 shots and an oral vaccine. Those things never get easier I tell ya! 

He becomes more alert every day and can now sit up unassisted! I love watching him play with his toys and his big sister! Watching Keigan and Camden play is my absolute favorite thing to do! I know it's just going to get better when Cam gets bigger and can actually "play" with her! 

He's loving his fruits & veggies! There isn't anything he doesn't like so far! I don't think he'll be my picky eater though ;) 

He is STILL not sleeping through the night and it's catching up to me. I can't get enough coffee most days because I'm exhausted. His doctor told me today though he should not need to eat through the night so we will try some cereal before bed and hopefully that helps him stay asleep. 

Camden, you make us so happy! We can't get enough of you and your gorgeous smile and those bright blue eyes! You are such a momma's boy & I love every second of it. Some may say that I'm spoiling you but I know this baby stage doesn't last long so I'm soaking it all up while I can!! Love you so, so much buddy!! 


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