Friday, May 22, 2015

[Camden] 7 Months

My littlest buddy is 7 months old!!! How on earth did that happen? We are all so happy now that the weather is actually nice enough to go outside and play! We were all going a little stir crazy this winter   being stuck inside all day. 

We don't have to go back to the doctor until he's 9 months so for his weight, I'm guessing 19lbs. Although after I hold him all day, I swear he's pushing 30 ;) 

He's still nursing which I will continue until he's 1 (or close to one) and he's been eating his fruits and veggies for breakfast/dinner. He can not wait to have table food though considering he dives for anything I'm eating! We give him some tastes of our Popsicles and ice cream and his little legs just kick away. When it's gone, he has a little meltdown. I foresee him eating us out of the house during his teenage years! Haha :)

He's in size 3 diapers and wears between 9-12 month clothes! He's growing like a weed amd the doctor said based on his growth chart that he'll be over 6' tall if he continues on his curve. 

He's been in his crib for a couple months now and he's doing well! He will still wake up 1-2 times a few times a week and if I sing him a song or rock him he falls back to sleep. When he wakes up around 6am, I'll feed him and he falls back to sleep until 7-8ish. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

[Keigan] 2 1/2 Years Update

I haven't done am update on Keigan in a longgg time!! She was 2 1/2 in February and she'll be 3 in August so this is kinda in between I guess! Haha!
Keigan has been potty trained since January and it's heaven! She was SO easy to train too. We didn't put her in big girl undies for bed until March because I had pull ups leftover so I just waited until we ran out of those. Her pull ups were dry every morning so I wasn't too worried about doing the underwear at night. Knock on wood, still no accidents through the night! 

Keigan was a late talker and we even had to go to a speech therapist to try to get her to talk more. I'm happy to say that we are done with the therapist and she talks more every day. 

This girl is so active! We have races all day, loves riding her bike, always wants to take Sadie for walks, play in her play house, loves going to dance class. Speaking of her dance class, she has her first recital coming up in June! I know it's going to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! 

She has a lot of favorite shows! The ones we have on rotate around here are Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol & Blaze! She's also really into Disney movies right now so we are always watching Tangled, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid! 
I can't really narrow down her favorite food at the moment. For breakfast, she has her milk with cinnamon toast, her lunch is either fish sticks or chicken nuggets with water and dinner is whatever we are eating. Her favorite snacks are goldfish crackers, fruit snacks or Popsicles when we are outside playing! 

Keigan has taken her 'big sister' role wonderfully and seriously loves Camden! I want to freeze time when they are playing together and giggling at each other. So so sweet!! 

Until next time!!