Thursday, June 25, 2015

[Camden] 8 Months

Well, we are one month older! Only 4 months until our baby is ONE!! 
My guess for his weight would be 20lbs and I'm not sure on his height but he's fitting his 12 month sleeper PJ's perfectly! 
What is sleepy anyway?! Little stinker is still not sleeping through the night which is causing me to live off of coffee! He usually wakes up 2 times (once around 2 and another around 5) but I do think he's teething because the other night he was up 6 times! 
He's still nursing for his main meals but he started eating puffs and yogurt melts along with his baby foods this month! His favorite is sweet potatoes right now! I'll probably start introducing pieces of fruit, Cheerios, pancakes and waffles once his top teeth come through! 
Camden had a big month for milestones!! He started crawling!!!! He also has been pulling himself up on every piece of furniture which has caused numerous bruises on his little forehead from falling and he even has stood up all on his own without holding onto anything! I still can't believe it! Wasn't it just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital?! 

Sweet Camden, you are such an easy going little boy and we couldn't love you more! You are so in love with your big sister and you always laugh at the silly things she does! Every time I see you two laughing and playing together, I want to freeze time but I also am looking forward to the years to come to watch your friendship and love for each other continue to grow. 
You are also very much attached to your mama! If you are at all worked up and upset and I hold you or you see me, you instantly calm down. 

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