Sunday, June 28, 2015

[Keigan] First Dance Recital

Keigan had her first dance recital on June 12th. I know I'm a little behind but I don't want to forget any little details. 
Let me start off by saying Keigan LOVES going to dance class each week and usually runs into the room before it's even time to start! She LOVES her dance teacher and when she sees her she'll run into her arms for a hug! 
Well, two weeks before her recital they had practice run throughs and it was for everyone to practice so they knew time wise how long each number took and for the little girls to get a feel for how fast paced recitals are! The first run through Keigan ran back with no problem. I watched her on the TV screens in the lobby do her little routine and from what I could tell, she was fine. She was supposed to be back there for one hour but after 30 minutes her teacher brought her out to me saying she was really upset and was letting us leave. Fast forward to the next practice and this time she cried before even going back. She did go back with her teacher but she wasn't happy! I absolutely didn't want to force her to do the recital so I was still just feeling it out. Everyone at her dance studio seemed calm and knew exactly how to handle the little ones that were upset so that helped me out! Keigan only made it 30 minutes at her second practice run through! 
The morning of the recital they had a dress rehearsal at the Performing Arts Center where the recital was being held. I had to drop her off at 9:30 and pick up time was 12pm! That was a long time for her to be crying so I was a little worried but I stayed and watched the rehearsal so if they needed me, I'd be there!  She did better than I thought when I dropped her off, she did cry but it wasn't awful! I ran into her teacher and she said she was doing fine and playing with one of the girls. It was her time to go on stage and Keigan did awesome!! She wasn't crying (but I was!!)  and did everything she was supposed to & looked like she was having so much fun! 
Considering dress rehearsal went great I assumed she would be fine when we had to take her back for the show! When we went to drop her off she started crying and didn't want to leave Dave and I! Her dance teacher came out and scooped her up and took her back before I had a chance to say she didn't have to go if she didn't want to. I hate leaving her when she's crying and I have no way of knowing how she's doing! I didn't want to traumatize her and have her never want to go back to dance. We made our way to our seats and just getting settled in when a family friend who was volunteering back stage came out and found me. She said she had Keigan back stage with her and the big girls and was doing great! She came out to ask if I had a drink for her because she was feeding her pretzels :) Dave's half sister aslo goes to the same dance studio as Keigan and was sending pictures to my father in law of the two of them! 
When it was time for Keigan's routine, she came on stage and had her arm covering her face and at first I thought she was crying but then realized the lights were too bright for her! Haha! She wasn't crying and did her little dance, rolls and blew kisses to the crowd like a little pro. I was trying not to cry because I wanted to see every little thing she did clearly but that didn't happen. Seeing her on stage just made her look to be so much older than my little two year old! 
To celebrate we went to Dairy Queen because all she wanted was ice cream with sprinkles! We were so proud of her and already looking forward to next years recital! 
Here's some pictures :)

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