Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[Camden] 9 Months

9 MONTHS?!?! 
My littlest baby will be turning 1 in three very, very short months!!
We go to the doctor for his 9 month check up in 2 days so we get the official weight but when I weigh him on our scales he's around 20 lbs!!! Such a big boy!
Still on mama's milk but he's been eating more and more finger foods so he hasn't been eating as much from me! This boy LOVES to eat!! He's currently tried:

Turkey (lunch meat)
Mashed potatoes
Ice cream

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot but those have been the most current things he's had!! 


What is sleep anyway?? He's been the worst sleeper lately and I'm sure it's a combination of teething and moving in to my parents house a couple weeks ago since our house sold before ours is done being built. His routine and bedroom is different so I'm sure that's not helping! And to throw another loop in there, we leave for the beach this weekend so we'll be in another new place with lots going on so his routine will be off again! Yikes!


He's currently wearing all 12 month clothes & size 4 diapersS! They fit him perfect but a few of his PJ's are getting snug!! I've been buying fall clothes for him and have been getting him 18 months! They look so big but if he's already in 12 month stuff , I know it will fit him! 


His third tooth came in this month ( his top right)! I think he's currently working on his top left now! Other than crawling a lot faster and cruising on all the furniture, there's been no other big milestones!


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