Monday, September 21, 2015

[Camden] 11 Months

Camden is 11 months old and I can hardly believe it! I am constantly looking back at the pictures of his birth day and it honestly feels like yesterday that I was on my way to the hospital with him still in my belly! I have loved watching his little personality come to life the past few months. He is so ornery and LOVES to chase his big sister around! He gets the biggest kick out of it! Since he started walking, he gets into EVERYTHING! Nothing is off limits and if you tell him no, he wants it even more! Such a boy ;) 

He is still breastfed but we are in the process of weaning him. He eats whatever Keigan eats for the most part! His breakfast is usually waffles or pancakes with a fruit. His favorite fruit is bananas!! Boy can eat them all day if we let him! For lunch he likes grilled cheese, yogurt, apple chunks or peaches and goldfish crackers. For dinner it's usually whatever we are eating. He is pretty easy to feed right now! He'll eat whatever you are eating. The boy LOVES to eat!

We had to live with my parents for about 6 weeks while our house was finishing up. The four of us all slept in one room which was hard because Cam knew we were right there. He didn't sleep well which meant the rest of us didn't sleep well either. We were at a point where he was waking up 5-6 times a night and wouldn't stop crying until I went and got him. Since moving into our new house and with everyone back in their own space, he has been sleeping so much better! The first few nights he woke up a couple times but fell back asleep on his own within 5 minutes. Now he is sleeping through the night and I feel like a whole new woman! 

He is obviously getting better walking every day. He is now able to go from a seated position to a standing one without holding on to anything. He will be running before we know it! He loves to wave and say "bye". 

My next monthly update, he'll be 1 year old! On one hand I can't believe he's 11 months old and on the other I feel like he's been with us forever! 

Love you to the moon and back Camden Lee!!! 


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