About Me

I was born in Mississippi on an Air Force Base while my dad was in the Navy and moved back to West Virginia when I was a year old. I am in school to be an elementary teacher and have 2 semesters left to graduate. Yay! 

I married my best friend on June 26, 2010.

We have two little girls (one being furry) that are beyond spoiled.

Meet Sadie. She is our sweet labradoodle that is so full of energy and love but has been put on the back burner since Miss Keigan moved in. 

Meet Keigan. She is our sweet girl that came into the world on August 16th, 2012. You will be hearing about all of our stories and adventures here on the blog :) 


  1. Reading this blog has brought tears of joy to my eyes ! So incredibly precious! !

  2. I'm in school too! I have 2 terms left as well, though I am majoring in Special Ed, I can totally relate! Good luck finishing up. Lord knows how difficult it is with a little one.